Medical Monday: Why cannabis will not assist bi-polar condition

Health cannabis has been confirmed to work for many health that is mental like anxiety or despair, but particular mental ailments can in fact be worsened with cannabis, so in retrospect doctors won’t recommend it for many instances. Because this is a concern we have been asked a whole lot recently, we desired to explain why a bi-polar diagnosis in specific, won’t ever be authorized for the medical marijuana prescription.

The easy solution for this, is the fact that cannabis can in fact aggravate outward indications of mania and depression in clients with bi-polar condition. Studies have supported this along with anecdotal reports, which is the reason why it is too dangerous to prescribe for those who have bi-polar condition, or individuals with reputation for schizophrenia and/or psychosis.

Analysis has been especially for this following in bi-polar clients:

Cannabis usage ended up being connected with increased manic and depressive symptoms.

Marijuana usage wasn’t connected with self-medicating behavior, meaning subjects had a tendency to utilize cannabis whenever experiencing good instead of after a manic or thc or cbd episode that is depressive.

We express our empathy and sympathy for everyone clients who possess a bi-polar diagnosis and cannot qualify for the marijuana prescription, but we wished to give an explanation for reasoning for that.